How To Bypass FRP Google Account For All Sony Xperia Smartphones (Android 7 Nougat)

For some reasons, your Sony Xperia smartphones requires you to verify the Gooogle account that was previously synced on this device after you perform a factory reset or install a fresh stock ROM. However, that time there was an issue that you did not remember the password of your Google account to bypass the settings screen. You found many ways but all of them were failed with your Sony Xperia running Android Nougat. However, we now have solutions to help you overcome this issue, bypass the Welcome screen on your Sony Xperia. Let’s see!


How to totally unlock Xperia Z5 premium E6853 Flash and Bypass FRP

This is solution that i used to unlock found device XperiaZ5 Premium, which was locked with fingerprint, bootloader is locked and FRP (google account security) is activated.

*to get in flash mode: press volume down and connect device to PC; – green notification LED
*to get in Fastboot mode: press volume up and connect device to PC; – blue notification LED


1st you need Sony flashtool and drivers, and ADB fastboot.
-Download Sony Companion to have all sony drivers.
-Download Flashtool (flashtool- and install it.
-I updated Flashtool from to Simply download (x10flasher.jar) and replace existing file in C:/Flashtool/.
-Next download ADB fastboot (minimal_adb_fastboot_v1.4_setup.exe) and install it.

2nd i flashing another Android using Flashtool thru flash mode, for clean start of the device.
-Open Flashtool (C:/Flashtool/Flashtool.exe)
-Connect your device in flash mode.
-Click on the black XE button on the right end of the tool bar in FlashTool.
-Choose your device, choose region and customization and on the right side, bellow the picture of the phone you can see “Available Firmware:”
Here I’ve choose 1300-1579 Internal Promoter 32.0.A.6.170 / R2B. This is old 5.1.1 Android which allow you to get in to the phone menu itself and do the FRP Unlock.
-Click on the firmware , bellow phone picture, and download it.
-After it is downloaded, close that windows and on main window, will see in console that firmware is preparing for flashing.
-Phone is still connected in flash mode, and flashing will start automatically when firmware is ready.
Have patience! Preparing and flashing took around 10 mins for my PC.

3rd Bypass FRP ( google account security lock)
-check FlashTool console if flashing status is DONE, and if it is, unplug your device and power it up.
-now download the video file ( Bypass Google Account SONY Xperia Z5 – How to Remove FRP Lock.mp4 ) and follow the steps as it is shown.
On the last step when you have to switch from GUEST to Owner user, my device just frozen on waiting screen, and after 5-6 minutes screen went disturbingly black, like it is dead and went OFF.
I power it up and viola, there was 2 steps to complete setting up of the new phone.

4. If you want you can unlock your bootloader now (if it is available by SONY) and use custom roms, root  etc…
-go to dialer and dial *#*#7378423#*#*
-tap Service info” go to “Configuration ” go to ” Rooting Status.
-if Boot loader unlock allowed says ” Yes” then you can follow below guide. If it says NO – sorry, you can’t unlock your bootloader.

-you need your IMEI number, You can check it in settings menu or dial *#06#.
-turn on OEM Unlocking and USB debugging options in Settings > Developer options. (To enable Developeroptions menu, go to Settings > About phone , and tap several times on Build number.)
-switch off your Sony Xperia Z5 Premium by pressing power button.
-now connect phone in fastboot mode. To do so, you must hold Volume UP and plug device to PC.
-next go to and finish the steps using your IMEI to get unlock KEY from Sony.
When you have the key, you will see instructions on the same site, what command you have to use in fastboot ADB. To get in Fastboot ADB:
-on your PC go to the folder (C:/adb/) where you installed minimal ADB and fastboot, hold shift + Right click, choose Open command window here.
-check if device is propperly connected. Write in CMD : fastboot devices . Your device should be listed there if it is connected in fastboot mode.
-now you have to write the command, same as on Sony site with the key: fastboot -i 0x0fce oem unlock 0x“your unlock code”.
example : – fastboot -i 0x0fce oem unlock 0x87eb234h6212g5646
-If it says OK [time] finished , you are done well.
After bypass FRP you can flash Android 7.0, there is no problem or security issues.


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