How do l check my transaction history?

To check all the previous transactions you performed go to the following link

Select the coin you want to view its transaction history. The info will include the following details:

  • Type: The type of transaction you performed, eg transfer, deposit…
  • Time: The transaction date and time
  • Amount (+fee): The total amount before any fee deductions
  • Fee: Any fees paid
  • From: Sender name if it is an onsite transaction or Sender address
  • To: Receiver name or address
  • Tx ID: Transaction ID. You will find a link to the explorer attached to TXID. This is useful if you want to check transaction progress on block explorer e.t.c
  • Comment: This isĀ  a note for the reference purposes or a note to the receiver. Applicable for onsite transactions.
  • Confirmations: How many network confirmation did this transaction get.
  • Status: The current status of the transaction, e.g pending or done
  • Retries left:
  • Admin confirm: Whether the transaction was confirmed by the website’s admin or by the you (via confirmation email)
  • User confirm: Whether the transaction was confirmed by the you.


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