1 Step. Restart your phone, From the beginning select your Home Language > Select region > Connect to the WiFi Network.

  • Agree to “Terms and Conditions” > Allow “Enhanced Internet Experience”.

2 Step. After that you’ll be having “Verify Your Account Screen” with this message: “This device was reset. To continue, sign in with a Google Account that was previously synced on this device.”


3 Step. If you don’t know the Google Account, Tap on “Enter your email” and type “Any Word” here and Put your Finger on that word and “PUSH long” for about 2 to 3 seconds.

When you see (Cut, Copy, Select All) options on your screen, Tap on “:” three points and then tap “ASSIST”.

4 Step. Just after this, You’ll have access to the Internet. Chrome browser will open, Tap on “No Thanks” in the bottom left corner of your Screen. Now in the “Google Search Bar” type : “GOOGLE ACCOUNT MANAGER Android Kitkat to Nougat” and tap on search.

5 Step. On the Google Searches, Open the link which starts with “TechOxgen”

Once that link opened. Scroll down and you’ll see All versions of Google Account MANAGER:

Google Account Manager 7.1


Google Account Manager 7.0


Google Account Manager 5.1-1743759


Google Account Manager 4.4.4-1227136


Google Account Manager 4.0.3-239410


Google Account Manager 6.0.1

  • Download “Google Account Manager 6.0.1” for Android Marshmallow.
  • Download “Account Manager 5.1-1743759” for Android Lollipop.

Last Steps To Bypass Google Account on Huawei P9 Lite COMPLETELY:

6 Step. So download the version which is acceptable for your device, Here I’m going to download Google Account Manager 6.0.1 Marshmallow for “Huawei P9 Lite”


7 Step. Then your download will be started, If you see (Allow Chrome to Access the SD Card) tap on “Allow”, and then an other message will Pop-up tap “OK”.

8 Step. From that same page scroll down and download ‘Quick Shortcut Maker’ as well


8 Step. When both the Application downloaded, Open the “Download manager” and Tap on “Google Account Manager.APK” and if you see this pop-up message:

  • “Installed Blocked” > tap on “Settings” then scroll down and enable “Unknown Sources”.

  • Go back to the APK and again tap on it to install properly.

9 Step. After that Go Back to the “Download Manager” and this time install the ‘QuickShortcutMaker.apk’.

  • Once the installation completed, “OPEN” the Application

  • And on the search bar of (Quick Shortcut Maker) type “Google Account Manager” tap on the First result with that name.


11 Step. From this screen, Tap on the Google Account Manager with (Type Email and Password). Then tap on “/Try” and here tap on “:” these points on the top right corner of your screen and select “Browser Sign-in”.

Bingo!! You’ll be on Google (Sign in with your Google Account) screen. Fortunately now you can easily Enter your own GMAIL ID and Password here it means you can Submit your own Google Account in your phone.

After signed-in with your Gmail Account you’ll be redirected to the Google Account Manager Page. Press “Power button” and then “Restart” your phone.

Bypass Google Account for Huawei Phone is now Completed:

Do Initial Setup of your phone, Select Home language, Connect to WiFi network and complete the other Initial setup information. Then you can see there will be no more FRP Lock. Make sure to Do a Hard Reset after Unlocked FRP on your phone.

Hard Reset Huawei Phone After Unlocking the FRP Protection:

It is important to do a HARD RESET for your device after Removing the FRP lock. Before that make sure to Backup all your important data and contacts otherwise it won’t come back and everything will be removed.

Steps to Hard Reset HUAWEI P9 Lite or any Huawei Phone:

Step 1. Go to “Settings” of your Phone

Step 2. Open “Advanced Settings” and scroll down to the bottom then Select “Backup & Reset”

Step 3. Inside “Backup and Reset” select “Factory Data Reset” and then “RESET PHONE”.

Now again do the initial settings, And you can enjoy the rest of your life without any FRP LOCK or Google Accoun Verification until you forgot about the GMAIL ID again!

Bypass Google Account Huawei P10, P10 Plus, P9, P8 Lite (2017), Mate 9, Honor 8

1 Step: Power Off your phone and insert an Active Sim-Card and then Power it on again.

At the “Select Lanuage” screen, tap over “Emergency Call” and type this code: *#*#6130#*#*.

Hit over “Phone Information” and select “Sim Card 1 or 2” depending on which port you inserted the Sim in your Huawei P10 Phone.

In Phone Info section, tap on the top right hand side corner of the screen “:” three dots. And hit “View Sim address book”.

Now in “Select contacts to import” section, hit over the “:” three points again and select “Add Sim Contact” and tap on CANCEL.

2 Step: You’ll be redirected to the “Select contacts to import” screen, hit over <- back button and then select “+ New contact” option from this screen.

Tap over “Phone” and in the name type: “Techoxygen” and in the “Home Option” type “Techoxygen” as well and hit over the check on the top.

After that, you’ll see the contact name and details just tap on “Home” then hit over “Gmail” and “Just Once”.

Skip > and tap on “Add an email address” in Set up email section hit over “Yahoo”.

Login with your Yahoo email account, (If you don’t have it, You can make a new account) then “Agree” with the Yahoo OpenID.

Hit over Next > and again Next >

Last 3 Steps to Unlock FRP (Factory Reset Protection) from Huawei P10, P10 Plus, P9, P8 Lite (2017), Mate 9, Honor 8

3 Step: Select “Take me to Gmail” > in Compose email type: Techoxygen and push it long until you see “Select all, Format, Cut, Copy, Assist” options. Once these options appears, hit over “ASSIST”.

Tap over “No Thanks” > and on the search bar type “Chrome” and select Chrome Browser.

Accept and continue > No Thanks >

4 Step: Now on the Google chrome search bar type: “GO Launcher 2.29 APK Latest Version 2017” and search. Scroll down and go to “TechOxygen” website

Then on the website, scroll down and download the application.

Update Permission > Allow >

5 Step: OK > and Open > it will show Pop-up window with a security message, tap over Settings > and enable Unknown Sources >

then go back and again download the Go Launcher APK V2.29.

Replace File > Open >

Next > and Install.

Accept > and Open the application.

6 Step: Tap over Enjoy and hit on “Apps” now go to Settings

Now you’re in the settings of your phone scroll down and tap over “Advance Settings” select the last option “Back and Reset”.

Again tap over the last option “Factory data reset” and “Reset Phone”.

Congratulations, we successfully unlock FRP (Factory Reset Protection) from Huawei P10, P10 Plus, P9, P8 Lite (2017), Mate 9, Honor 8. Now just complete the initial setup and you won’t face Google account verification screen anymore.



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