CASHSITE is a platform/website that helps people to recover access to their devices in case they forget or misplace their passwords

Do you support all Devices?

We currently support all Samsung and iPhone devices running android/iOS

Do you offer Remote Unlocking services?

Yes we offer remote assistance via teamviewer, contact us for help

I paid but I didn’t received any email, Why?

Can you please wait for up to 10 minutes, then contact us through our contact form at https://cashsit.com/support

I tried the  solutions you gave but my phone wasn’t unlocked, what must I do?

Contact us, we will provide you with other alternative solutions.

Where do you get your solutions?

We do online researches each day. We test various solutions/tools and provide you the best ones.

Do you offer refunds or charge-backs?

Read our refund policy here .

Which payment Getway do you use? Can l pay with paypal?

Currently, Paypal is not supported. We use Payfast and you can pay securely with your credit card.

How is my privacy?

Your privacy is our number one priority. Please read our privacy policy here

How to contact you?

  1. Through our contact form at https://cashsit.com/support

  2. By email at [email protected]

  3. On our facebook page https://facebook.com/bypassfrpandroid

Where can we read your terms and conditions?

At https://cashsit.com/terms-and-conditions/

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